Bespoke designs

Fancy a different look for a room? Want to create a wow factor? Moving into a new home? Need the house you’re selling to stand out from the crowd?

You need KIO UK’s design team to create something special just for you...

Meet Joanna, our Head Designer.


  • That all sounds really interesting but what exactly do you do?
  • Whatever you need! Our designers will talk to you about your particular project, produce a design, source the materials, furnishings, etc and our professional team of installers will bring it all to life. You choose whether you take the full package or a particular element.
  • I would love to get my house redesigned but I’m sure it would cost too much.
  • Far from it! Our clients have budgets at opposite ends of the spectrum and projects range from a single bedroom to a five bedroom house.
  • I want to keep some existing furniture, how would that work?
  • We’re used to incorporating your favourite pieces in our design.
  • How long will it take from the design stage to the completed project?
  • It depends on the size of the project and also lead times of the furniture, we are used to working with developers to tight deadlines & budgets!

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